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If you’d like to relax and be creative at the same time😍 then Color Fun, a free coloring book with tons of coloring pages won’t disappoint you. Color by number now at the art book with a myriad of categories whether you’re into nature🏝, florals🏖, animals🦋, mandalas🏵, unicorn🦄, portraits or holidays🏖 . Paint by number with happy numbers🔢, beautiful colors🌈 and shades to calm inner chaos and bring energy to life.

Key Features:
* 🌸Easy to color: paint by number at Color Fun for free. No pen, pencil, paper and specific skills are needed. Just tap a color and color by numbers now. Choose a shade from the palette and paint by numbers to create art.

* 🔥Color Paint – Tons of coloring pages in different categories are prepared: nature, plants, shapes and designs, people, ocean, mandala, animal, floral and many more. Start your coloring books journey with gorgeous coloring pages.

* 🍭Varieties of picture textures: Color Fun, a coloring book free with different kinds of coloring textures for your color by number just the way you like it. Coloring pages with happy numbers and stunning colors will meet your taste whether you want to paint by number or paint art..

* 🤩Explore daily new pictures: New and fresh coloring books and coloring pages will be updated everyday! Get your own coloring pages and pictures to enjoy coloring by number for free!

Other Features:
* 🎁Review your painting process by watching short Time Lapse videos at the end:
* 💓Share your masterpiece by posting your artwork on any social network: color painting & happy numbers
* 💥Bug-free gaming experience: color by number & paint by number free
* ☀️Works with all devices: color by numbers now!
* ☀️Color painting: color by number free, paint book, paint by number free, number drawing, fun coloring app, coloring fun, painting book.

As a secret anti-stress weapon, Color Fun is befitting for all ages where you can develop your concentration, color matching skills and get an outlet for your unexpressed stress through the color game. Moreover, it’s a great way to kill time and have fun! Choose from a wide range of fascinating pictures and color your favorite ones to create your own work of art! You can share your masterpieces with your family and friends through social media! Download now!


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